The RX63N/RX631 Group incorporates communication functions suitable for networking equipment, such as Ethernet controller, USB 2.0 full-speed (function, host, or OTG selectable), and CAN. In addition, with a RTC (Real-Time Clock) that can operate on a dedicated power supply as a low power feature, standby power consumption can be reduced by approximately 90% compared to existing products. The selection of on-chip memory has been expanded from ROMless to 2 MB, and even smaller-sized packages are available. This makes possible mounting in anything from large-scale systems to small-scale/small-space devices.


  • RX CPU
    • General registers: 32-bit x 16
    • Multiplier: 32-bit multiplier
    • Divider: Yes
    • Multiply-accumulator: Yes (two types: memory-to-memory operations and register-to-register operations)
  • Maximum operating frequency: 100MHz
  • Power supply voltage: 2.7 to 3.6V
  • Single-precision floating-point processing unit
  • Flash ROM
    • Max. 2MB (for program storage)
    • Max. 32KB (for data storage)
  • RAM: Max. 128KB
  • On-chip peripheral functions:
    • External bus: 177/176-pin(32bit@50MHz), 145/144-pin(16bit@50MHz), Under 100-pin PKG(16bit@25MHz)
    • DMAC: 4 channels
    • Direct memory access controller designed exclusively (EXDMAC) x 2 channels:Over 100-pin PKG Only
    • Data transfer controller (DTC)
    • 16-bit multifunction timer pulse unit: 177/176/145/144-pin: 12 channels; Under 100-pin: 6 channels
    • Multifunction timer pulse unit 2: 6 channels
    • Port output enable 2
    • Programmable pulse generator: Max. 32-bit output
    • 8-bit timer: 4 channels
    • Compare match timer: 4 channels
    • Real-time clock (RTC): Except 48-pin PKG
    • Watchdog timer
    • Independent watchdog timer
    • Serial communication interface (SCIc): 177/176/145/144-pin: 12 channels; 100-pin: 8 channels; 64-pin: 5 channels; 48-pin:4 channels
    • Serial communication interface (SCId)
    • I2C bus interface: 177/176/145/144-pin:4 channels;100-pin:2 channels; 64/48-pin:1 channel
    • Serial peripheral interface (RSPI): 177/176/145/144-pin:3 channels;Under 100-pin:2 channels
    • USB 2.0 full-speed (Host/function/OTG): 177/176-pin: 2 channels; up to 145-pin: 1 channels
    • Ethernet controller*1
    • DMA controller for Ethernet controller (EDMAC)*1
    • CAN*2 : Max. 3 channels
    • IEBus x 1 ch(IEB)
      12-bit A/D converter: 177/176/145/144-pin: 21 channels; 100-pin: 14 channels; 64-pin: 12 channels;48-pin: 8 channels
    • 10-bit A/D converter: Over 100-pin;8 channels
    • 10-bit D/A converter: 177/176/145/144-pin: 2 channels; 100/64-pin: 1 channel
    • Temperature sensor
    • CRC calculator
    • Power-on reset circuit (POR)
    • Voltage detection circuit (LVD)
  • On-chip debugging function: Yes (with trace function)
  • Low power consumption modes: 4modes
    • Sleep mode
    • All-module clock stop mode
    • Software standby mode
    • Deep software standby mode
  • Packages: LQFP64, LQFP80, LGA85, LQFP100, LGA100, LQFP144, LGA145, BGA176, LQFP176, LGA177, LQFP48

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