Keeping Your Feet Dry

Keeping Your Feet Dry

When looking for your next employment solution have you ever wondered why some recruiters really seem to be on the ball while others don’t seem to have a clue?  I often wondered about this during my myriad job hunts.  The conclusion that I came to is that this disparity is not so much a function of the recruiter’s ability as it is of their motivation.  Mind, I’m not referring to that inward drive that motivational speakers try to rally with their stirring talks–the will.  Rather, I’m referring to the external forces–the “game” if you will–that is put in place by company management to motivate, to drive, their workforce toward their vision of success.

In the case of the former–recruiters who consistently greet you with opportunities that at least are a semi-good fit for your experience and skillset–simply put, these recruiters tend to be motivated by commissions.  Some might argue that commissions are a bad thing, always, but when it comes to the difference between receiving good opportunity leads and leads that mostly consume your time with few results, you be the judge.  These commissioned recruiters would be using the targeted recruiting model.  That doesn’t mean that all commissioned recruiters use the targeted model of recruiting, or that that recruiters using the targeted recruiting model are necessarily earning commissions.  It’s just been my observation over the years that the two seem to be tightly correlated.

On the other end of the spectrum are recruiters that seem to endlessly send opportunities your way that–although not necessarily spam–only match one or two keywords.  These are non-targeted recruiters.  They often will call…and call…and call…and call…often before you’ve even received a copy of the job description or had a chance to read it.  Recruiters using this non-targeted model of recruiting, rather than commissions, are often compensated based on their number of submittals, which explains why they are so eager to submit your profile to an opportunity, but then you never hear back from them, once you give the okay.

For tips on how to handle pushy sales tactics you may be receiving from recruiters, please take a look at my other article, Dealing with Pushy Recruiters.

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