LS Research


Software Engineer

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

September 2007 to July 2009

  • Developed MSP430 firmware and digital circuitry for wireless version of the Christmas Tree Safety System. It was designed to alert those in the home in the event of a Christmas tree catching fire.
  • Developed MC1321x/HCS08 firmware for a wireless remote control for a portable radio designed for use in military applications.
  • Evaluated use of Chipcon CC2431 location engine for use in high-resolution location applications.
  • Developed CC2430 firmware for RS-485 to ZigBee adapter module for industrial thermostats. The modules made use of the TI Z-Stack and were designed to allow the client to retrofit their existing RS-485 thermostat networks with wireless capability.
  • Added error-handling use cases for CAN bus application firmware using the AT90CAN. The system was developed for use in industrial/construction equipment, which employed RFID to read a nearby key-fob, to secure starting of the vehicle only with pre-authorized keys.
  • Developed theoretical battery analyses based on datasheet electrical characterizations and suggested means of improving designs.
  • Researched available technologies and tendered recommendations for turnkey solutions.

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