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Trident Embedded Solutions, LLC is lean technical staffing startup the United States.

Elevated View Of Happy And Positive Business People In Casual Dress Smiling And Cheering To Camera.It is the mission of Trident Embedded Solutions to be the industry “go-to” leader for onsite skilled, technical staffing and workforce solutions.

Trident Embedded Solutions exists because of its people and the high level of excellence each person brings to the organization. We strive to mirror that dedication and loyalty by making sure each team member knows the value and appreciation we have for their contributions.

Trident Embedded Solutions sources highly skilled technical talent for select clients in the United States.

Our highly motivated and connected team members enjoy working in a fast-paced, distributed startup environment, the ability to telecommute--from their homes, coffee shops, or wherever convenient--and work at a pace that benefits their person, family, and company.

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Sensible Solutions

Trident Embedded Solutions offers its clients ready solutions and strategies to improve your business.

Forward Thinking

The team at Trident Embedded Solutions plans for a long-term strategy that will ensure a continuously progressive improvement for your business.

Escaping the Box

Trident Embedded Solutions brings the most effective and pioneering strategies to handle your human resources requirements.

Client Strategy

We are totally committed to providing the support our clients need to push their businesses to a level of remarkable success.

It is our vision to be the number one technical staffing solutions company in the United States: the most recognized technical staffing brand on the forefront of the minds of technical managers and directors; the most coveted consulting agency sought by engineers and software developers alike.

Find out more about becoming one of our select VIP clients.

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Direct Placement

Our reports present true and detailed information of the candidate that will help determine a potential fit.

Contingent Recruiting

We will work with the brief you provide that will define the job description and the criteria that must be met to be employed.


We will conduct a technical screening for the successful prequalified candidates.

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