Five Successful Job Search Strategies You Need to Use

You updated your resume and have been filling out applications, but you still haven’t landed a new job. What else can you do to help your search be successful? Use these strategies to improve your job search results.

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Recruiting Models–Targeted vs. Non-targeted

Keeping Your Feet Dry

When looking for your next employment solution have you ever wondered why some recruiters really seem to be on the ball while others don’t seem to have a clue? I often wondered about this during my myriad job hunts. The conclusion that I came to is that this disparity is not so much a function of the recruiter’s ability as it is of their motivation.

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Another Step for Trident Embedded Solutions Social Circle

Herndon, VA: Good news for employers all over the US as Trident Embedded Solutions, LLC, has set up additional social avenues; this time via Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The staffing agency is committed to posting new content regularly for interested technical job seekers on these social media platforms, along with its other social media pages at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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